Cipta d.lab is constantly keeping up with advancements in dental technology to give better restorations for your patients. We uses cutting-edge technologies and machines to complement our craftsmanship.
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CAD/CAM Technology

Cipta D.Lab is among the first dental labs to adopt CAD/CAM technology in Southeast Asia. Started with Sirona CEREC in 1997. Followed by KaVo Everest in 2008, and DMG Dental 20 Milling Machine in 2013, our expertise in Dental CAD/CAM has been tasted and proven. We offer the full range of dental restorations. By using modern CAD-CAM technology we give accuracy and aesthetics to all of our products.

Supported by state-of-the-art dental furnace, laser welding machines and deep knowledge about dental photography and dental design aids, which help communications between technicians and dentists. Our lab is absolutely ready for the exciting world of digital dentistry.

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Technology + Craftmanship

Technology is only as good as the people behind it. We have a highly-trained, experienced technicial team who loves what they do. They find satisfaction in doing a job well done. We provide our technicians with continuous education and utilize the most advanced technologies to ensure each and every case is of the utmost quality. Our products include crown and bridge, ceramics, implant, dentures and removable partial dentures to meet all your needs.

Our dental technicians are commited to providing the finest restorations available, using CAD/CAM as well as artisanal craftsmanship to provide your patients with highly aesthetic restorations that meet their needs.

Send us your digital impression or let us scan your stone model for you and experience the hype of digital dentistry.

Milling and 3D Printing

We use various milling machines, ranging from Sirona, Roland to industrial scale machine by DMG, to produce faster, more precise restoration. We also use 3d printer to print your digital impression. 

If you have your on in house ceramist, we are also able to provide you with copings in various materials with competitive pricing and fast delivery so you can go digital without all the hassle of investing and learning to operate the complicated milling machines. We will help you saving your time for the more important works.

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Shade Matching and Furnaces

Shade matching is a crucial part of restoration process in creating natural teeth. To make the teeth to look as natural as possible, Cipta d.lab uses standardized lights and are use to work using high quality digital photography to determine the patient's correct shade. 

We also use regularly calibrated dental furnaces to make sure the restoration is fired properly and guarantee high quality results.